1. A major new feature in 2.3 is a much requested fan favorite: Highest Rated Drinks, because sometimes you feel like some really specific flavors, and other times you just want to find the best damn cocktail your city has to offer. 


    To find the highest rated drinks near you, just tap on the type for drink you’re looking for (beer, wine or cocktail) and then click “Highest Rated”. It’s that easy. 

    You can also check out the highest rated drinks at any bar to get an idea of what to drink there. To do so just search for the bar, and swipe up!


    So try out the app and let us know what you think!

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  2. Version 2.3 is the biggest and most exciting new version of SpotHopper since the 2.0 redesign, with a ton of new info on every bar and drink just a swipe away. image

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    In version 2.3 you can pull up any spot or drink. Without leaving the screen we will show you a few highlight attributes of the bar that are relevant to your search. For example, if you searched for craft beer bars we’ll highlight the bar’s beer score, right there. And now almost all of our 1000+ bars have descriptions, carefully crafted by the SpotHopper editors with one thing in mind: helping you decide if this bar is worth going to. No fluff. 


    Right below the description you’ll find one of the coolest new features of the app: “what to drink here”. Because SpotHopper has one of the most extensive databases of beer, wine and cocktail menus, we can actually pinpoint the must try drinks at each bar. 

    Finally keep scrolling to see the bar’s happy hour and more pictures, and even share the spot or drink with friends. 

    So try out the app and let us know what you think!

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  3. image

    Tech companies and social media agencies try to make technology sound a lot more complicated than it really is. The truth is, apps and social media have fundamentally changed one thing: customers can learn everything about your business before they even walk through the door. 

    What does this mean for your happy hours and drink specials? 

    Customers will decide where to go based on the specifics of a happy hour deal. 

    The specifics of your happy hour deal didn’t use to matter as much. Customers would pick an after work spot because they knew the bar offered some kind of deal, was close to the office, had a fun lively vibe at that hour, etc. The purpose of the discount itself however was mainly to keep customers buzzed, happy and up for another drink.  

    These days, a different bar special is just a SpotHopper swipe or Facebook scroll away. If you’re offering $1 off taps and the customer doesn’t like beer?… swipe, swipe, swipe.. until they find that 1/2 off wine they’re truly seeking. In this way, the internet has made things more competitive, but it also presents an even greater opportunity: new customers

    No matter how good a discount is, it’s not going to bring in new customers sitting on the chalkboard in your bar, or even worse, in the minds of your staff. The internet takes your special and puts it in front of thousands of potential new customers when they’re deciding where to stop by after work. The value of these new customers is huge. Here are our tips for catching their eyes and their wallets: 

    1. Be extremely active on apps and social media

    This one seems obvious, but in the internet age where everything is scheduled, recorded, saved, you can’t expect customers to remember anything. If you’re not posting, tweeting or updating your special everyday, you’re missing out.

    The average lifespan of a Facebook post is less than 1 day. Over 95% of twitter likes and retweets occur within the first hour. This means, if you’re not posting about your happy hour right before and during the actual special, people aren’t going to see it. 

    Shameless plug: SpotHopper takes care of all of this for you, automatically posting and tweeting your special, right before and during, everyday. 

    2. Give better deals

    Attracting new customers is much more valuable than holding onto regulars for an extra hour or two. It’s absolutely worth sacrificing an extra dollar on your margin to bring in a group of people who may not only become life long customers, but also tell their friends about your awesome happy hour with shares and check-ins. Also, with the enhanced transparency of the web, you’re not going to get away with bad deals when a better one is just a swipe away. 

    3. Try giving deals on food

    Specials on apps and small plates make your spot stand out. On SpotHopper we see a lot of specials, and less than 10% of bars have any type of food special. That extra little discount on a calamari or flatbreads can be the thing that makes the difference, especially if the post displays a mouth watering high resolution image of the dish.

    4. Add specials at different times

    Without the internet customers were accustomed to happy hour deals at a certain time. If you ran a special late at night, or early on a weekend, unless it was a crazy deal, nobody would really notice. But in a world where 20 bars in a .5 mile radius all offer 5-7pm specials, you can really stand out by offering a discount at a different time as well. Some of the most popular specials we see are unique to a certain night, like the less busy Monday - Wednesdays. 

    5. Try an impromptu special

    Before the internet, creating a new special on the fly was tantamount to handing out dollar bills to everyone in your bar. Nobody else knew about it besides the customers who were already there. Now you can create a new special for the night, and within seconds it’s on SpotHopper, Twitter, Facebook, your website, etc. Thousands of people nearby will see it, allowing you to easily experiment and find out which deals work and which don’t. 

    Have thoughts on this article? Contribute to the conversation! And if you haven’t tried SpotHopper yet please visit www.spothopperapp.com or reach out on Facebook, Twitter, or email (info@spothopperapp.com) to see what we can do for you and your happy hour. 

  4. Lower East Side


    Verlaine: $5 Lychee Martinis, Sangria, Bloody Marys, House Wine and Wells. $3 Yuengling until 10pm

    About Verlaine:

    "In stark contrast to the hipster dive bars the populate the LES, Verlaine boasts an upscale modern decor, lychee martinis and a very normal (or depending on your perspective, slightly yuppy) crowd."

    Pianos$3 Beer and Wells. $4 Margaritas and Wine until 8pm

    About Pianos: 

    "One of the most popular spots in LES. Young, social, drunk and slightly hipster crowds will form a long line on weekends. Once inside enjoy a decent tap and the retro decor, or head to the back for live music."

    Hair of the Dog1/2 off the entire bar until 8pm

    About Hair of the Dog:

    "Another installment in the massive sports bar chain (13th step, Hair of the Dog, etc) that all New Yorkers either love or hate. Social, raging, ridiculously cheap drinks, beer pong and lots of fratty college and graduate students."

    East Village and Alphabet City

    Bua$4 beers and $5 cocktails until 8pm

    About Bua: 

    "Cool little bar with a nice patio upfront, a rustic exposed brick interior, and a slightly above average beer and drink list. Younger fun crowd that gets pretty packed on weekends. From the same family as nearby The Wren."

    Lovers of Today2 for 1 all craft cocktails until 8pm

    "Hidden below a barely marked staircase underneath Thompson Square Park, the little known Lovers Of Today feels like a clubhouse for the cool kids to come drink while everyone else is at Niagara. The cocktails are good, not great, but before 8pm with a 2 for 1 price tag, who cares."

    Fonda: $6 Apps, Margs, and Sangria, $4 Beer, $5 Wine, $7 Mango Margs

    "Known for their boozy brunch, this Mexican spot also has a killer happy hour"

    Boxcar Lounge: Buy 1 get 1 until 10 pm

    NYU / Greenwich Village

    Off the Wagon: 1/2 priced drinks until 8pm

    About Off the Wagon: 

    "Another installment in the massive sports bar chain (13th step, Hair of the Dog, etc) that all New Yorkers either love or hate. Social, raging, ridiculously cheap drinks, beer pong and lots of fratty college and graduate students."

    3 Sheets Saloon: 1/2 off entire bar until 8pm

    About 3 Sheets: 

    "It’s right by NYU. It’s a sports bar. Lots of college kids. Beer pong. Plain and simple… kinda like this description ;)"

    Dos Caminos: $6 Apps, $7 El Camino Margs, $5 Sangria, $4 Corona and $3 Modelo until 6:30pm

    "We all know Dos Caminos but did you know they have an awesome new happy hour? Only problem is the 6:30 cut off, not exactly New York office job friendly"

    Murray Hill

    Whitman and Bloom: $5 Select Craft Beer, $6 Wine & Prosecco, $7 Artisanal Cocktails until 8pm

    About Whitman and Bloom:

    "Great decor, atmosphere and young professional crowd, a result of a good gastropub menu and a just above average beer and cocktail list. In the village this would be just another good bar, but in Murray Hill it’s a diamond in the rough." 


    Union Pool: $3 High Life, $4 Yuengling, $5 Wine until 9pm

    About Union Pool:

    "The main bar looks like the diner from Pulp Fiction, the back patio is incredible and features a taco truck, and there’s a giant concert venue off the patio. When it comes to wildly popular weird hipster bars, UP is king."

    Zona Rosa: $5 Margaritas, Guacamole, Quesadillas & Chicken Flautas until 7pm

    About Zona Rosa:

    "Cool new Mexican bar and restaurant with a beautiful second floor rooftop and a killer happy hour featuring $5 Margs and Guac, aka the best things ever. " 

    The Brooklyn Star: $7 Specialty Cocktail, $1 Oysters and $3 Lone Stars until 7pm

    About Brooklyn Star: 

    "Considered one of the best Southern food spots in the city, Brooklyn Star also features a nice little craft cocktail list, lots of whiskey and a handful of taps. The vibe is chill for a bar, lively for a restaurant."

    Pete’s Candy Store: $2 High Life, $3 Brooklyn Lagers and Well Drinks until 7pm

    About Pete’s: 

    "Hipster live music spot with cheap beer and warm neighborhood vibe."


    Bushwick Tradesman$4 drafts, $5 Wells, $6 Cocktails until 9pm

    About Tradesman: 

    "Chill little hipster bar with a big concrete patio out back. Tradesman also features an awesome happy hour on craft beer and cocktails."

    Heavy Woods: $1 shots, $2 High Life, $4 Wells until 7pm

    Cobble Hill

    Clover Club: $7 Select Cocktails, $6 Wine and $4 beer until 7pm

    About Clover Club: 

    "Vintage speakeasy atmosphere serving up some of the best cocktails in Brooklyn. Slightly older Cobble Hill crowd as the vibe here is chiller and more upscale than nearby Brooklyn Social."

  5. image

    The world’s most powerful local search engine just got a whole lot more powerful

    Every version of SpotHopper up until now presented one frustrating problem: the more sliders you adjusted, the more they all got watered down. So maybe you wanted to find a great place to watch the game, but you also could go for a craft beer, some good bar food, and a younger crowd. Adjusting all those sliders would occasionally match places that matched the crowd, food and drinks, but had no TVs!

    With v2.2 you don’t have to search any differently, it just works

    When you pick a mood, like “Watch the Game” or “Patio Drinking”, we automatically star the important sliders for you. This results in much better recommendations that match what matters to you most. 


    Of course you can always star whatever sliders you want for added control. This is great when you care really strongly about a few things, like how bitter and smooth a beer is, and less so about others like citrus and tropical fruit flavors. 

    So download 2.2 today for iPhone or Android if you haven’t already and give it a shot, then let us know what you think!


    SpotHopper Team

  6. If there was one aspect of SpotHopper specials that we found frustrating, it was filtering through five or ten bad specials before uncovering the hidden gems: $1 burger nights, free pizza and dirt cheap taps. That’s why with version 2.1 we introduced the like button for happy hours. Think of it like reddit for drink specials: bring the good stuff to the top, and push down those crappy “$1 off a six dollar bud light” deals.


    Power to the People

    So how does it work? It’s up to you guys. Every time you click the like button on a special it boosts it up the list. Our algorithm then finds nearby specials when you search, and sorts them by number of likes. 

    But what if I want to find the nearest special? 

    Sometimes you don’t really care what the deal is, you just need a drink stat. Luckily the Happy Hour screen in SpotHopper features a combined map/list view. So to find the nearest special quickly, just zoom in on your current location, and click on one of the bubbles on the map. It will automatically scroll the list to that bar, and tell you what special they offer.

    When it’s 10pm and there are only a few specials still going…

    We didn’t use to filter out expired specials, which meant if you wanted a cheap brew at 10pm, you’d have to swipe through dozens of expired specials before finally finding that late night happy hour. With 2.1 all expired Happy Hours are filtered out, so only deals you can actually take advantage of show up!

    Got any comments or feedback for us? Please reply to this post, or hit us up on Facebook or Twitter!

    Happy SpotHopping, 

  7. There’s nothing worse than a cookie cutter bar: flat screens everywhere, 4 corn-water taps, wings & burgers, old Irish man’s name over the front door. How many of the same exact bar are we supposed to go to over and over again? Where the hell is the character? We live in New York City, and with thousands of bars at our disposal we don’t have to stand for boring bars anymore. So skip the corner pub and check out these spots instead:

    1. The Randolph at Broome - Nolita


    At it’s core The Randolph is a punk rock cocktail bar. It’s divey, retro, young, drunk, hipster and yet with an extensive and unique craft cocktail list. If you’re sick of the snobby upscale cocktail scene, come here for a good drink minus the bullshit. There’s also a location in Williamsburg that’s equally as awesome. 

    2. Welcome to the Johnsons - LES


    From the name, to the home made sign, to the sticky PBR stained plastic-covered grandma couches, walking into Welcome to the Johnsons recalls high school memories of drinking in your buddy’s parent’s basement. It’s one of the few bars where drinking a $3 Bud, like when you raided that basement fridge at age 17, just feels right. 

    3. Experimental Cocktail Club


    I like to think that a true speakeasy isn’t about hiding a bar in the back of a Quiznos inside a mall inside a football arena. It’s about the atmosphere of the bar, and a throwback to the early 20th century bar scene. No bar perhaps encapsulates this old school vibe like ECC. From the blues band playing quietly in the corner, to the gorgeous dark wood bar, to the bartenders themselves, we’ve never felt more Don Draper. 

    4. The Bourgeois Pig  - East Village


    From the outside The Bourgeois Pig looks very gothic, but in the medieval architecture way not a punk rock and dragon tattoos way. Inside the bar looks like Antiques Roadshow meats a burlesque parlor, with red velvet light bathing the bizarre other-century furniture. Specializing in wine, come here on a Monday or Tuesday night for half-priced bottles. 

    5. The Cannibal Beer & Butcher - Murray Hill


    Cannibal is a meat and beer haven where you’ll find things you could never find anywhere else in New York: Curried Lamb Belly (amazing), homemade sausages and charcuterie (very good) a whole pigs head (not so good) and an Italian Sour Blueberry Imperial Stout with Chili Pepper (weird as hell and totally awesome). The spot also features a great back patio. 

    6. The Commodore - Williamsburg


    This dark retro diner also gives off the friend’s basement vibe. But unlike most dark dive bars, you’re actually going to eat here, famous for their fried chicken and a pretty good burger. Order a draft beer or a tiny but potent Old Fashioned to go with it. 

    6. Pete’s Candy Store - Williamsburg


    If you haven’t noticed yet, weird names are a good sign. The highlight of this WBurg spot is the back room, where you’ll see some of the most hipster local musicians imaginable. 

    7. Union Pool - Williamsburg


    The main bar looks like the diner from Pulp Fiction, the back patio is incredible and features a taco truck, and there’s a giant concert venue off the patio. When it comes to wildly popular weird hipster bars, UP is king. 

    8. Skinny Dennis - Williamsburg


    You know how most “Southern” themed bars in New York are just BBQ places that New Yorkers flock to but true Southerners chuckle at in amusement. Well Skinny Dennis isn’t that bar. Skinny Dennis literally feels like you have walked out of Brooklyn, through a portal, and into a warm happy room of country music and drunk southerners in a small town somewhere outside Nashville. A great tap list doesn’t hurt either :)

    9. Noorman’s Kil - Brooklyn


    Grilled Cheese and Whiskey.. not really sure what else to say. 

    10. Bushwick Country Club - Williamsburg


    If you’ve been following our blog posts you know all about this spot. If you don’t, it’s pretty simple really. Free cheese puffs + cheap beer + hispters + homemade mini-golf course with windmill made out of crushed PBR cans = BCC

    Find more interesting bars with our app for iPhone and Android

    *some pictures  from Foursquare. Thanks bud! (ps we like the redesign)

  8. The epic battle of friend groups: Brooklyn vs Manhattan. Each group insists that the other make the trip across our beloved, reliable L train at midnight on a Saturday night. 


    Well Brooklynites today we’re going to make an argument for your cause (and tomorrow an argument against it). Reality is, it’s worth making the trip out to Brooklyn on a beautiful summer night for these 10 sick bars: 

    1. Maison Premiere - Williamsburg


    Our favorite thing about this bar is the decor. The colorful rustic Parisian bar is one of the best designed in New York, plus there’s a beautiful backyard patio. The cocktails are also killer, specializing in Absinthe drinks. It’s a chiller spot and therefor a great place to start out the night. 

    2. Dram - Williamsburg


    In the world of great cocktails, Dram is kind of the Bizarro Maison Premiere. While MP is upscale, mostly sitting, retro and features an extensive drinklist, Dram is modern, more casual, social and standing, and offers a short but sweet list of 7 or so house cocktails. It really comes down to personal taste, but we promise you’ll have a killer drink either way, so might as well be like us and go to both :)

    3. Torst - Greenpoint

    It’s pretty simple. We’ve been to countless beer bars in Brooklyn, and in terms of a highly curated selection, this is the best one. You’ll find a handful of awesome Evil Twin beers on tap as the Brewer/Owner has a loose association with the bar. However we actually recommend you try one of the other beers Torst has on tap, as they usually carry rare kegs that come.. and just like that (Kevin Spacey blow into hand).. they’re gone. 

    4. Hops Hill - Clinton Hill

    Ok remember how we said Torst had the best beer selection in Brooklyn? Well the brand new Hops Hill may be proving us wrong at that real soon. We wandered into this tiny corner beer bar last week and were shocked to see De Struise Cuvee Delphine on tap, one of 4 kegs in the country. Oh btw they had four bottles of Westy 12 just chilling in the back of the bar. $30. Anyone want ‘em? 

    5. Union Pool - Williamsburg


    Arguably the most famous bar/venue/taco truck in Williamsburg, Union Pool, no matter what you think of it, is a bucket list bar. The retro diner decor at the main bar leads to a gorgeous backyard patio where you’ll find an outside bar and taco truck. Then make your way to the concert hall just off the patio entrance.

    6. Brooklyn Social - Cobble Hill


    In our professional opinion, this is the best bar on the planet. Words cannot explain its perfection. Ok maybe they can: $10 House Cocktails, a pool table, a backyard patio, lots of drunk fun Cobble Hill hipsters. Yeah that pretty much sums it up actually. 

    7. Clover Club - Cobble Hill


    It’s one of the most critically acclaimed cocktail joints in New York, but the hidden gem? A killer happy hour: $7 (awesome) cocktails, $6 wine & $4 beer from 4-7pm. 

    8. Union Hall


    This is maybe the most interesting bar in Brooklyn. First of all, it’s completely f$@cking massive. It’s more like an event space than a bar. Second, it has a downstairs concert venue. Third it has a patio. Fourth they make a mean burger. And finally, yes the rumors are true, they have bocce ball in the bar!

    9. Hot Bird - Clinton Hill

    Basically it’s Union Pool, chiller, without the concert space, but with better beer. Our favorite part about this bar however is the character. Bright neon painted patio walls and an awesome retro interior.. oh wait that’s just like Union Pool too. Ok it’s basically Union Pool, but that’s certainly not a bad thing. 

    10. Bushwick Country Club - Williamsburg


    Realistically there are another 50 bars that could easily make this list. The Brooklyn bar scene is utterly amazing and absolutely worth a short (or long) train ride. But if we have to pick 10 bars that you simply must see in your life in New York, then BCC has to make the cut. This is hipster dive at its best: free cheese puffs, PBR everywhere, Beer + Shot, and yes oh my god yes.. a homemade mini-golf course with a windmill made out of crushed PBR cans… that’s about as Brooklyn as it gets. 

    In conclusion, fellow Manhattanites, go to these bars, realize that Brooklyn is amazing, then download our app for iPhone or Android, and discover a lot more awesome Brooklyn bars. 

  9. image

    It’s easy to find great happy hour specials at 4pm on weekdays (who gets out of the office at 4 besides teachers?) or 11pm on a Monday (sorry already in bed watching netflix hours ago). But finding an awesome drink special at 7pm on a Friday or Saturday? Not so easy. Luckily with over 150 happy hour bars in MKE in our database, we’ve managed to find some good ones: 

    Friday Night

    1. The Stone: 2 for 1 taps until 9pm. 

    There are two amazing things about this Happy Hour. First, it lasts til 9pm, so you have plenty of time to enjoy several brews after work or as a pregame. Second, The Stone has an awesome tap list so you’re getting a free great craft beer. Currently they have Dogfish Head 90 Minute and New Glarus Serendipity. Damn. 

    2. McGillycuddy’s: $3 Beer, Bombs & Call It Drinks from 8-10pm (plus $15 all you can eat Fish Fry)


    Grab a $3 beer (or 5) and start your night off on their patio. 

    3. Sabbatic: Almost everything $1 from 7-7:15 plus 1/2 off taps, Rails & Domestic bottles from 7-9pm

    Show up at 7 and grab a practically free drink, then stick around for their primetime happy hour. 

    4. Flannery’s: 1/2 off apps, $3.50 Drinks & Bottled Beer, $5.50 tall cocktails from 9-Midnight


    Cheap beer and 1/2 off Nachos? Yeah I guess I could start my weekend with that. 

    5. The Hotch Spot: Free Beer w/ Pizza, $5 Pickle, Beer, Jamo (PB&J) and 2 for 1 Apps from 5-8pm.

    Hey if you’re working past 8pm on a friday we think you may need a new job.

    6. Rumor Upbeat Lounge: a sh!t ton of specials.


    1/2 off specialty drinks, $5 Hanger 1 Vodka Cocktails, $3 Lakefront Taps, $2 Tall Boys, $3 off wine by the glass from 4-8pm. Then $1 rails 9-10pm, $2 rails 10-11pm, plus $3 mexican beer after 9pm. Ooph that was a mouthful. 

    7. Brothers Bar & Grill: $1 rails & $2 taps until 9pm. 

    8. Karma Bar & Grill: Late Night Happy Hour $3 Absolut Cocktails, Lakefront Tap & Jamo Cocktails from 10pm-1am. 


    9. Monkey Bar: $2 Domestic Bottles & $2 Mico/Imports from 3-9pm


    1. Flannery’s: $3 Tallboys, $3.50 1/2 lb Burgers, $5 12” Pizza. Even better than friday if you’re hungry.

    2. Sabbatic: Same as Friday: Almost everything $1 from 7-7:15 plus 1/2 off taps, Rails & Domestic bottles from 7-9pm

    3. Two Bucks: Ok you may already know about this one because they offer this deal all the time (hence the name) but damn it if $2 taps isn’t amazing on a Saturday night. 


    4. The Loaded Slate: 2 pitchers & 20 wings for $20.


    Either way you do the math, you’re either getting $1 wings and 2 free pitchers, or paying for 2 pitchers and getting 20 wings at what, 10 cents a pop? Free? 

    5. Brothers Bar & Grill: Same as Friday. Happy Hour 2-9pm: $1 Rails, $2 Drafts

    See which specials on this list are nearest to you, as well as all other Milwaukee Happy Hours download our app! 

    For iPhone or For Android

  10. The moment your college buddy calls you up and proclaims “Hey (bro/girl) I’m coming to visit you in NYC babyyy!” provokes excitement, immediately followed by a rush of “oh shit do they want to go to Times Square?” anxiety. Thankfully in New York, there is a great bar to save you pretty much no matter where you’re dragged. In fact if you follow this list, we’re pretty confident that drinking will be the highlight of their weekend. 

    If they want to see Wall St… take them to Stone Street

    Wall Street is cool but within a few minutes of staring at sweet buildings you’ll quickly run out of stuff to do. Thankfully the outdoor drinking awesomeness that is Stone street is only a few blocks away.


    On the surface all the bars on Stone Street look the same, but trust us and grab a seat at #1 The Growler Bites & Brewswhich boasts the best beer selection on the block. They have about 20 craft beer taps, currently including the dank Cafe Racer 15 double IPA. 

    Then head to #2 The Dead Rabbit

    imageForbes calls The Dead Rabbit “NYC’s most ambitious cocktail bar” as it features a cocktail list 72 options long at “The Parlor” on the second floor. You’ll find international bartender of the year “Jack McGarry” here serving up carefully crafted historically accurate classic cocktails. Or if you’re dressed like a tourist and want something a little more casual, just grab a house cocktail, punch, craft beer or oysters at The Dead Rabbit Taproom downstairs. 

    If they want to go to Times Square… stop in #3 The Rum House

    imageTimes Square’s saving grace, The Rum House is an old school blues and jazz bar with a giant liquor selection and great classic cocktails. It’s run by the same folks who own Ward III in Tribeca so you know the drinks are legit, but more importantly it just has that classic old New York vibe that the rest of Midtown has lost in a headache inducing neon haze.  

    Then grab a rooftop beer at #4 Beer Authority


    Beer Authority is simply a craft beer monstrosity… in a good way. 3 massive floors and 100 taps make this spot unlike anywhere else in the city. Our one complaint? The beer list is a little limited on the rooftop compared to the rest of the bar.. then again I suppose 20 taps isn’t too shabby.

    If they want to see The Empire State… find the best view of it at #5 Top of The Strand


    I think the view pretty much explains itself. Top of The Strand is definitely upscale however so dress nice and try to go during off times to avoid a line.

    Then stop by #6 The Ginger Man for a local beer


    The Ginger Man is one of the three best craft beer bars in Manhattan period. In fact it may just be #1. Take your friend here to try an awesome local beer that they can’t get across the country like Barrier, Carton, Radiant Pig and Other Half breweries. 

    If they want to see The Flatiron Building… check out the rooftop beer garden above Eataly: #7 Birreria


    One of the few Italian Bar/Restaurants that puts aside wine to highlight the world of Italian beer, Birreria is one of the more unique spots on this list. After dropping $17 a cocktail at all of the other rooftop New York bars, we couldn’t be more grateful. 

    Then head to  #8 Milk & Honey for one of the best cocktails you’ll ever have

    Love or hate the craft cocktail & speakeasy trend in NYC, you have Milk & Honey to thank for it. These guys were the godfathers of the cocktail resurgence, so much so, that when you ask a bartender where the origins of a new age cocktail came from, more than likely he’s going to say “probably one of the guys at Milk & Honey”. Some of you all may be aware that the spot actually changed locations from chinatown (now Attaboy) up to Flatiron, and yes the new spot is not as cool, but it’s still an institution and a must visit. 

    If they want to see The Chelsea Piers.. go to #9 Gallow Green


    Simply put, Gallow Green is a beautiful garden, on top of a rooftop, with good cocktails and an amazing sunset view on the west side of the Island. Great way to transition from daytime to nighttime activities if you know what we mean. 

    If they want to see The Brooklyn Bridge… stop by the South Street Seaport after.

    The seaport still isn’t what it was, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth showing off to your out of town friends. You’ll find live music and movies in front of Ambrose Hall where most of the crowds will form. Us? We like #10 Fresh Salt just a few blocks away, tucked quietly away into a cobblestone street. Here you’ll find a lot more character and better drinks. Or if you’re all hot and sweaty from crossing the bridge and back, craving the cheapest biggest ice cold beer you can find, go to Jeremy’s Ale House for a $5 32oz Bud from 4-6pm.



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